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LINUX – The Mother ship of all Open Source Software

I won’t talk about the fault and fallacies of Microsoft.Many God damn sites exist for that and frequent hangs,error no. 420420 etc.would confirm that.

My simple reason for its advocacy is that if you really want to be a good programmer then you have to use it. STOP. You cant even imagine such huge collection of languages, wild open source code and community support from any proprietary software like Microsoft. Its simple, it uses its users as developer thus tapping enormous mind power.Its by the user,for the user and to the user.

However newbies did struggled to start with Linux before, but now with excellent GUI, easy installation and behemoth online support it equals if not leads the Windows. And in matter of performance and flexibility it keeps Windows dumbfounded. In server count all over the world it already dominates unanimously. Now even the naive user counts are increasing at the rate of millions.

To make your venture more simple i have prepared some simple steps to get started. Also some resources are added for your reference. So just fetch an distro,tinker with it, discover web with it and ultimately code with it.

Steps to start on with Linux:
  1. Fetch a simpleton distro like ubuntu, fedora. Don’t go for mind boggling ones like slackware or gentoo now. Although  they can be downloaded from net, but preferably the best source is DVD, CDs along with magazine like Digit,LFY etc.
  2. Follow the instruction as per installation guide. You can even contact Local LUG(Linux User Group) for help. With the powerful installer like Anaconda you wont require any help.
  3. Now patiently try all the features as per se the resources provided. Although GUI is good but learning few commands will be much better to speed up the work and gaining sound knowledge of system.
  4. At last connect to net with it. Also do try some coding. Resources are provided for that.
Some Ultimate Links:

More here…

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