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Today I just feel like to talk about the latest fad in market: The Recession. Partly because I went through Friedman’s Free to Choose documentaries, fed on Machiavelli’s Prince, deserted on Rand’ s Atlas milton-friedman-greyscaleShagged(plz. Read shrugged ;-)) and partly because I am freejohn_maynard_keynes to recollect and relate all my past learning.

First of all I am a serious non-believer of all this sham known as recession. To me it’s nothing but all but a sham of Big F bank and the rich cartel related with it. They did it in 1929and they are doing it now. It’s simply relocation of funds further up the pyramid, big fishes eating smaller ones and dieting at the same time. But who am I to go against the general belief. So I half heartedly take the recession for granted and build my thoughts up on them.

Where is the honor?


Throughout my journey in life I went nearly through all phases and sources of learning possible. However the path has been lot against the stream. I started with religion whereas most people end up there. I, on the contrary find myself ended upon contemporary economic scenario. santi_di_tito_-_niccolo_machiavellis_portrait_headcropBut I am happy for two very important things. Firstly, my learning was from varied right from the shrines of knowledge to the prejudicial sentiments of streets. Secondly, due to my awkward learning path I was able to go deeper to every issue I came across rather than superficial acknowledgment; somewhat like tunneling to the core of problem. With every system or models surrounding the human I was able to find the virtues and vices (… thanks to our argumentative education system) lest it be individualism or dictatorship. However one striking phenomena which I came across was that with nearly all of them I could attach some gratitude to, feel honor of people following them but not with the economic system.

Main reason according to me might be that the core persons propounding and preaching the logic were missing here and so as their dedication and madness for it. For e.g. Dictatorship immediately points to Hitler, so communism to Marx and Lenin, accept-the-world-as-it-is to Nietzsche, sex to Freud and so on. So there appeared no single recessionauthority to swear by or curse to. Economic system which we see today is rather a potpourri. Yes, some names do shine brightly like Keynes, Kautilya, Smith, but there revolutionary thinking was either accepted blindly or were meted down before completing their transformation in to reality. That’s another important deficiency which caused further lack of honesty, integrity and above all honor in this system. Throughout all our history we find numerous volcanic revolutions causing total annihilation of old system and forming new strata after its lava cool down. On the contrary, in the economic system we find pendulum sort of motion. On the one hand we tend to become totally conservative, frugal collective Keynesian systems hiding in umbrella of some other institution and on the other we become the daring, will-see-it-all individuals going for free for all aka laissez faire. It really amazes me seeing those series of 1980’s free to choose documentaries of Friedman. How violent and unacceptable were his ideas were to the public then. However amazingly it’s the same ideas which have brought our economies to knees today. Why? Were the ideas so faulty? No, like any discoveries there remained some crudeness in them. What appears to be a greater blunder was the ease with which these were accepted. But again why so? Greed, probably.

Innovators are the mutating genes of the organisms called Civilization. But the rest can’t be ignored. They are ones who either accept or reject these sports. Science faced many crucifixions. Probably, the gains were not so immediately visible or were tagged with numerous neo-complexities. Still it was these innovators who ultimately brought society to newer horizons. Sometimes they were so drastic that they required complete abolishment of the predecessor system. It’s really beyond argument the way in which Science nearly killed the Religion as we knew it. To cope up, even Religion had to reincarnate explaining itself on the lines of Science. However in economics it wasn’t the same case. It started with the scarcity of resources and still continuing with it.

Management vs. Technology

I came across a beautiful explanation of Management somewhere. According to it, it was the best possible and optimized utilization of scarce resources with an eye on profit for organization. It’s simply superb but crisp definition. But two important words to note here are the scarce and profit. The solution lies in statement itself. It really amazes me when I attend those lectures of Science and Technology and find non-fathomable opportunities which technology present to us. Any layman may wonder that why this word scarce still dominates our policies then. You talk about energy crisis when you have both knowhow and technology to solve it via renewable energy sources. You talk about the production of goods whereas mechanization shows the very capability of taking care for them. So why does the riddle remain unsolved? As I said answer lies in question itself. Profit may be the fog blinding our vision.

Management might have been essential to our predecessors but today it appears nothing but as a modern form of politics. The latter was developed to manage humans in general and the former to specific sections under organization. Both have sincerely failed now. Not because they are flawed but they are outdated, something similar to virus of Matrix. A program, outliving its time period, disturbing and destroying the remaining ones. Abundance doesn’t need management. Happy person don’t need laws to be good. However what seems to be preventing them from accepting this truth is simply their resilience to die – a characteristic exhibited by nearly all living organism. If they accept the truth their whole existence will be nullified. Our interim pain killer has become more lethal than disease itself.

It’s not that I have some grudge against management but it really needs bitter and complete transformation. Politics is beyond hope now. It’s these managers we can look up to. A complete renovation of society is required and they can do so if they will. They will have to accept the supremacy of technology beyond all other parameters even profit. It will be tough and nearly impossible. But that’s what will bring the real revolution to the economic system. Someone will have to break the cycle, even the system. Technology is the sword but will managers accept it will be big question. Would they create such technology-driven society where at last even they may have to retire and live life peacefully and creatively at home.

The concept of profit sometimes amuses me. You want something extra. Following Newton’s third law somebody will have to lose something extra. This conclusion is based on the resource assumed to be limited. Now let’s induce some banking structure pipelining more cash in. Rather than helping it worsens the situation. Now the loser may extend its loosing capacity but with additional burden of credit. And some day he will default, causing the pillow transfer to the prior winner. Now our winner number one appears at receiving end to some greater profiteer. So on and so forth. The flaw is clearly visible. We may punish Maddoff for the same crime because he is at micro-economic level but what about the macro-economy following same principle. And what about the humanity suffering in this destined to be doomed wagon. And they talk of Global peace and prosperity. Just a look on the soaring percentage of people living under poverty since the creation of so called Samaritan World Bank will clear our doubts.

Friedman said correctly about the diseased organizations. They must die. So would have said Darwin. What about the diseased economy then. Why it’s still haunting us with its zombie cousins of Politics and Religion. When will humanity shed its tendency of deriving pleasure out of its self inflicted pain? Who has the discretionary power to heal it? Probably Management, provided that they correct their myopia and accept that with help of technology they can form a new system based on complete freedom (*without any conditions apply clauses like these… ;-)). They will have to break all established dogmas, prejudices and belief system starting all over like a child. Let the Machiavellian competition, Nietzsche’s superman, and religions” Men are like that only‘ theories rest in peace.

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“Jai Ho…” Lord Shiva…


for giving so many good news today. At last I came back home to home from Delhi. My heartfelt salaam to Delhi – really duniya dilwaalo ki… Amazingly cool and helpful people for large city. And the addition of Metro has added another feather to its hat. Really felt sat when boarded the train yesterday night. In the morning the first thing I came to know was today is the auspicious day of ShivaRatri as soon our train crossed Ujjain. It’s well known slumdog-millionaire-fl-02religious place famous for its MahaKaal temple. Another good news which I was waiting for was the Oscar status for the Indian nominations: the Slumdog Millionaire and Smile Pinki. But who even guessed in their dreams that Lord Shiva – the destroyer will ultimately kill the jinx associated with Indian nomination in Oscars… that too big time… 8+1 in all(more here…). Really upar waala jab deta hai to chappar phad ke deta hai…

Now as the topic of Lord Shiva has come to scene I would like to share some mine views as he is one of my favorite Hindu Lords, other being Hanuman. First he is simply anti- prototype Gods. Unlike the normal tasks of Gods like creation, prosperity distribution and care taking he is known for destruction. Also rather than all the flaunting lifestyles exhibiting by other Gods and Devas he lives a simple, ascetic life. Moreover his holistic approach is just excellent. He is shown to have no special favorites among both Devas (good) and Demons (Evil) … simply beyond the good and evil. It really surprises me how intelligent would the people of ancient India might be who contemplated the idea of such deity. It’s a blatant truth which even we the modernists avoid to grasp. With every good is attached an evil. Just like mirror images with observer on both sides thinking their image to be true. Just for e.g. In present context the long wait for Oscar had been an evil thing for us but it was that this long haul which made this event more than a normal achievement, especially for people for this country. Same applies to Kate Winslet too. Similarly for all such good news I had to accept some poison too… no call from LIBA despite 96%le… see good and evil hand in hand ( 😉 I know lame excuse but let me express my pain too…). Hope my Dad understand Sihiva’s theory when I will him about it in morning 🙂
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So the day for test of creativity has arrived.. Will leave tomorrow for the MICAT on 22/02. For those interested in getting some more detail check out this pagalguy’s thread for more info..

Micat 2009!

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Another good for nothing day in life.. feelin’ lousy an’ tired after all those oddysey of MBA entrances.. tryin’ to chill but all those worries of goin’ here n there for GD/PIs etc. creates havoc. It really pains .. to be someone who u r not actually.. dressed up dandie with all ettiquets n all facts on finger tips.. “What a fuckin’ joke” as our White Tiger says it…

Well why I m boring u.. just checked blog stats.. found many people images-3searched for ‘Nazi’ (..i told u such things always follows economic depressions 😉 wait some more there will searches on ‘Karl Marx’ ). Well for all those Nazi enthusiast I present audio compilation of confessions..oops sorry autobiography of Adolf Hitler:


Other major discovery I made was that of a beautiful song .. ‘a horse with no name’ by band America.. Cool song.. Here it is..

Had heard it in back ground of “Joey’s big break” in Friends season 5. Yes..yes I am watching recorded episodes and yes again.. What else to do then?? Create some funky hobby like Stamp Collection to show at all those interviews… Weak guys..seriously you guys…

N ya before I leave just tell you about the Betaal(ghost) i am carryin on my burde.. I brought Atlas Shrugged to read. Yes I want to die.. Just atlas_shrugged_cover1084 pages with miniscule printing.. Well don’t know about Atlas but I am thoroughly shaken.. Really a big penance for reading Fountainhead as your first novel.. “You must then read the Atlas Shagged(..oops shrugged) too. It will complete your idea of Ayn Rand’s philosophy ..mm..what you call it..” said the inerviewer.. “Objective Epistemology ..”, replied me :(.. Yess.. I wanna go to dessert.. No name no theory.. no interviews….

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Ladies and gentlemen… presenting to you most awaited event of the year… The Royal Rumble of Valentine… On one side of the ring is the reigning champion Pink Chaddi and on the other the challenger Saree…

So at last the wait is over. The Valentine Day has arrived. A war against the Moral Policing which has broken all frontiers has reached to the Internet pinktoo. Really it’s makes one to pity on all those think tanks who didn’t left anything under the Sun from being assumed as a cause for III WW, right from water to money… But guess what in their dream also they couldn’t have guessed it could have been such a tiny issue (…Exaggerating… well who cares ;-)) could have the potential to trigger one.

But, seriously, this matter of Moral Policing does require some greater consideration. It’s easy to blame some particular organizations like Ram Sene, Taliban etc. and demand some action against them. However is this problem of Moral Policing just limited to these minor hyperactive groups? Or the fountainhead lies somewhere else?

One common observation we may deduce is that nearly all these well known groups actually go against “Westernization”, a concept too revered by modernists like us. Why are we so much sympathetic with this so called Western Culture? Some plausible reasons may be the exceptional ideals of freedom and liberty provided by them. But truth lies somewhere far from these utopian ideals.

Moral Policing now has reached to the headline only because of the poor, muthalik1brutal and unorganized measures taken by these tiny radical groups. However Moral Policing can be done be in many efficient but lethal ways. Take for example the case of rampant Conversions done by many Catholic Organizations in the Southern India by using the capital of so called liberal Western countries. The compulsory prayers in the name of Jesus forced even upon the students of other religions should also be accused under the clause of Moral Policing. And it doesn’t end on prayers and hymns. France, a so called flag bearer of human rights showed its hidden ugliness by banning the turbans. Now isn’t that another good e.g. Of Moral Policing… that too by so called Western-ers.

Moreover, what about the Moral Policing done by British in our country prior to independence? They dictated not only the religious decrees on us but even each and every facets of our lives right from eating habits to the dressing style. However we like the Lamb of God we took there every word as commandments of the God and follow till now. Why? Was really their culture better than ours? Or was it because their Moral Policing was better preplanned and covert than ours? I will let Lord Macaulay confess their conspiracy of Moral Policing India of that time.

And let’s not forget US- a country proud to be the first democracy of the World. A country which has shown the world that how on the debt of others we can consume madly till we meet the Recession. Their attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq; their diktats against the whole Muslim Community: doesn’t all these form part and parcel of Moral Policing. Who in the name of God are these people to teach the whole world that what is wrong and what right- an ultimate matter of Morals? Becoming atheist or something similar can’t allow you commit any crime. And it really amuses me when so called liberal intelligentsia believe our culture as a intrusion to their personal choice and privacy. Aren’t the whole goddamn RFID programs, satellite groping(STAR WARS project) of theirs an attack on personal privacy.

What in my opinions appears that moral policing done by our petty organizations is nothing but an unorganized vendetta against a too powerful but more dangerous moral policing done by West? It’s only because our Senes are resource less that they degrade themselves to such foolish and petty violent methods as done during Mangalore pub attack. What else these poor creatures can do to leave there mark on the main stage. However, had they been more calculative and subtle a better impact would have been made. Means may be wrong but goal is pure. Ultimately what all the rubbish this Western culture has given to us other than broken families, rotten mindset and crutched economy. Most importantly Westernization is not Modernization. On the other hand it’s rather degradation. Blind consumption, scanty clothing and narcissism are not a sign of a true civilized and modern human but rather that of an early man. We can be modern while preserving the beauty and grandiose of our culture; a culture which had shown its freedom in Kajuraho, good governance in reign of Bharat, religious tolerance in time of Akbar. Only thing is that rather than Moral Policing it’s the Moral Vigilante that is required. It’s not the duty of few people or organizations but each and every Indian to be proud and guard the great culture of ours. After all we all know that pink chaddi may do well in bedroom infront of husband but Saree will be more suitable in front of children 🙂 Rest depends on your choice…
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As per the viewers request the fair review of the Zeitgeist movement has been published. As the old post appeared out of date it has been removed please check the link given below for the newer one:

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So long seeing you my dear blog. This chimera known as MBA entrance took all the juice out of me. Now that the first phase of war is over I stand totally bruised and tired… God it was along journey. One and half years of gruelling coaching.. No Sundays thanks to the Prac CATs and entrance exams… And just see the long black list of exams smthg. similar to the nfs most wanted black edition… It would be timely to share the assaults on me to you:

  • MAT Sept. A good Boni : 98.6%le but of no use
  • CAT: the mother of all exams.. left me to the second mother.. the mother of adversities.. 90.83%le only..

  • IIRMA: screwed me in Maths section.. I prayed wrongly for the GK.. destiny you see
  • IIFT: the point of inflection.. again screwed in LR section.. Now the downward curve started
  • IBSAT: Had two exams on same day.. took the liberty of getting sleep in paper.. 81%le.. still welcomed to the Mahakumbh

  • SNAP:Somehow my sleep at IBSAT gave some sort of enlightenment.. Took all remaining arrows out and buthchered it big time.. expected 90 as score but got looted of 10 marks.. nyhow OK the only call giver for me…on the Schindler’s list of SCMHRD, SIIB, SIMB 🙂
  • XAT: The funniest climax of all.. Heeded to advices of wise ones.. XAT is tougher than CAT.. Again resorted to sleep in Eng section but thanks to the messiah in form of invigilator who woke me up.. Got 95.6%le (WTF)… But you see shit happens.. Forgot to apply for XIMB and bet everything on XLRI(of course no call) .. but was able to save Draupadi (GIM Goa) in time.. Also have called jesus(LIBA) for help..
  • FMS: Too tired.. just gave up .. May Lords in heaven accept my sacrifice…
  • MHCET: he..he.he.haaa.hhaaaa..muhaaaaha

So the scene uptil now: Symbi the only Samaritans.. However they are well known for the rape they do in their next gen selection process.. Plzz.. TAPMI and KJ save me.. OH GIM give me a wave of freedom .. haha…Its really insanity.. whole world is going in to recession and we are screwed big time for a place in corporate world whose own existence is doubtful.. Really there are times when Communism does appear useful 😉 .. And see the struggle now .. Ratio of call were some 10:1.. then conversion with same ratio.. 10:1 So somehopw 1% chance of survival.. And what not for that survival.. all that mundane GK.. fish markets of GDs.. lies and lies of PIs..  common dear blog will someone  just look at my Myer Briggs profile.. I am a desperate introvert idealist(INPF) for Godsake.. Yeah I know.. A lamb to be sacrificed for bountiful crops ;)..

I know this will go on and on and on… Lets just relax and go in the dream of some anarchism… One day there will nothing of this sort.. hope …

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Click to enlarge…

Dear Feminists.. No Offense ;). Next post on “Why man shouldn,t babysit..”
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theanarchia blog by sher khan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License.
Based on a work at theanarchia.wordpress.com.

We all use personal computers and we all take them for granted in our everyday lives. It’s easy to forget that PCs have only been around for a couple of decades, and initially were nowhere near the powerhouses we have on our desks today.
For example, did you know that the first “portable” computer weighed 25 kg (55 lb) and cost close to $20,000, that the first laser printer was big enough to fill up most of a room, or that you basically had to build the first Apple computer yourself?
This article takes a look at the time when the computer equipment we now take for granted was invented and what it looked like back then.
The first computer mouse

The first computer mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart at the Stanford Research Institute. (He is also one of the inventors of hypertext.) The first mouse used two wheels positioned at a 90-degree angle to each other to keep track of the movement (see picture below). The ball mouse wasn’t invented until 1972, and the optical mouse was invented circa 1980 although it didn’t come to popular use until much later.
Douglas Engelbart never received any royalties for his invention and his patent had run out by the time the mouse became commonplace in the era of home PCs.

The first mouse. To the right you can see the wheels it used for movement and positioning.

Above: The first mouse. To the right you can see the wheels it used for movement and positioning.

The first trackball

The trackball was actually invented 11 years BEFORE the mouse, in 1952. It was invented by Tom Cranston and Fred Longstaff as part of a computerized battlefield information system called DATAR, initiated by the Canadian Navy. It used a standard five-pin bowling ball as its trackball, which is smaller than the more common 10-pin bowling ball.

The first trackball, bowling ball and all.

Above: The first trackball, bowling ball and all.

The first portable computer

Well, perhaps that should be “movable” computer… The IBM 5100 Portable Computer was introduced in 1975, weighed 25 kg (55 lb), was the size of a small suitcase and needed external power to operate. It held everything in the same unit, packing in a processor, ROM (several hundreds of KB) and RAM (16-64 KB), a five-inch CRT display, keyboard and a tape drive, which was an amazing feat at the time. It also came with built-in BASIC and/or APL. The different models of the IBM 5100 sold for $8,975 – $19,975.

The IBM 5100 Portable Computer.

Above: The IBM 5100 Portable Computer.

The first laptop computer


Above left: Closeup of the Grid Compass 1100. Above right: NASA astronaut posing with the GRiD in space (that’s Spock on the screen.)

The first laptop computer (or notebook) was the Grid Compass 1100 (called the GRiD) and was designed in 1979 by a British industrial designer, Bill Moggridge. The computer didn’t start selling until 1982, then featuring a 320×200 screen, an Intel 8086 processor, 340 KB of magnetic bubble memory (a now obsolete, non-volatile memory type) and a 1200 bpsmodem. It weighed 5 kg (11 lb) and cost $8-10,000. The GRiD was mainlyused by NASA and the US military.

The first IBM PC

The IBM Personal Computer was introduced in 1981 as the IBM 5150. The platform became so pervasive in the 80s that although the term “personal computer” had been in use since the early 70s, a PC became synonymous with an IBM PC-compatible computer.
During its development, the IBM 5150 had been internally referred to as “Project Chess” and was created by a team of 12 people headed by Don Estridge and Larry Potter. To speed up development and cut costs, IBM had decided to use off-the-shelf parts, something that they normally wouldn’t do.
The first IBM PC had an Intel 8088 processor, 64 KB of RAM (extendible to 256 KB), a floppy disk drive (which could be used to boot the computer with a rebranded version of MS-DOS (PC-DOS)) and a CGA or monochrome video card. The machine also had a version of Microsoft BASIC in ROM. On the first IBM PC the optional 10 MB hard disk drive could only be installed if the original power supply was replaced (the original one was too weak).

The first IBM Personal Computer, the IBM 5150.

Above: The first IBM Personal Computer, the IBM 5150.

The first Apple computer


Above left: An Apple I computer. Above right: This was the Apple I, essentially a motherboard.

The first Apple personal computers (Apple I) were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. The Apple I went on sale in 1976 for the price of $666.66. Only about 200 units were produced. The Apple I was basically just a motherboard with a processor, a total of 8KB of RAM, a display interface and some additional functionality. To have a working computer, the buyer would have to add a power supply, a keyboard and a display (and a case to keep mount it all in).

The first RAM

Arguably the first (writable) random access memory was Magnetic Core Memory (also called Ferrite-Core Memory) and was invented in 1951 as a result of work done by An Wang at Harvard University’s Computation Lab and Jay Forrester at MIT.
Core memory was a family of related technologies that used the magnetic properties of materials to give them a similar functionality to transistors. They stored their information using the polarity of tiny, magnetic ceramic rings with wires threaded through them. Unlike today’s RAM, core memory could keep its information even after the power was turned off.
Core memory was common until it was replaced by integrated silicon RAM chips in the 1970s. The “core” in core memory is why a memory dump is called a “core dump” even today.

The core memory plane in the picture is 16×16 cm (6.3×6.3 inches), holding 128×128 bits (2048 byte).

Above left: Closeup of core memory. Above right: The core memory plane in the picture is 16×16 cm (6.3×6.3 inches), holding 128×128 bits (2048 byte).

The first hard disk drive


Above: The first hard disk drive, IBM Model 350.

The IBM Model 350 Disk File was the first hard disk drive and was part of the IBM 305 RAMAC computer that IBM started delivering in 1956 (mainly intended for business accounting). It had 50 24-inch discs that together could store about 4.4 MB of data. The Model 350 spun at 1200 rpm, had a data transfer rate of 8,800 characters per second and an access time of approximately one second.

The first laser printer

The laser printer was invented by Gary Starkweather at XEROX in 1969. His initial prototype was a modified laser copier where he had disabled the imaging system and introduced a spinning drum with eight mirrored sides. The first commercial implementation of a laser printer didn’t happen until IBM released the IBM model 3800 in 1976. It could pretty much fill up a room on its own.

The IBM 3800, the first commercial laser printer.

Above: The IBM 3800, the first commercial laser printer.

The first web server

And since the Web is such an integral part of today’s computer experience, we couldn’t help but include another first: The first web server was a NeXT workstation that Tim Berners-Lee used when he invented the World Wide Web at CERN. The first web page was put online on August 6, 1991.
The computer had a note on it that said, “This machine is a server. DO NOT POWER IT DOWN!!” Understandable, considering that if you had shut it down in the early days you would have shut down the entire WWW.

The web server that powered the first web pages on the WWW. Note the sticker with the warning to not turn it off.

Above: The web server that powered the first web pages on the WWW. Note the sticker with the warning to not turn it off.

It’s amazing how much has happened in the PC industry in just a few decades. Just imagine what things will be like 30-40 years from now…
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1. Go to Code: http://www.google.com

2. Click “images”

3. Fill in “bikes, flowers, cars” or any other words.

4. You will get a page with a lot of images thumbnailed.

5. Now delete the URL on the addressbar.

6. 6. Copy the script down here, and paste it in your adressbar:

javascript:R= 0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24; x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI= document.images ; DIL=DI.length; function A(){for(i=0; i<DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style; DIS.position=’absolute’; DIS.left=Math. sin(R*x1+ i*x2+x3)* x4+x5; DIS.top=Math. cos(R*y1+ i*y2+y3)* y4+y5}R++ }setInterval(‘A()’,5); void(0)

7. Press Enter and see the magic….

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