Eleutheromania – A strong desire for freedom
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“This site is a random collection of essays by me. I will try my best to keep this site from inclination towards any particular school of thought. However, impartial critisism of relevant theories can find their place. I beleieve that every solution is new and fresh. History doesn’t teach anything, else there would not have been Second World War. Preconcieved ideas and prejudices strangles clear thinking. I wish a land free from these. Similar to how I see Anarchia – A land free of authority, dogmas, beliefs. Just Life and Freedom.”

Sher Khan,


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2 Responses to “About”

  1. WRONG!


    MOST people are too DUMB to even really study history in the first place and far too many of those who do study it, REFUSE to LEARN what it teaches.

    Neil C. Reinhardt

  2. Well honoring your opinion we will just like to add that its just the matter of persepective. History comes from people made by people and is what the people and their choices are. So if you just refuse to learn from it, it has failed to serve its purpose. FAILED TO TEACH. If the whole class fails in exam (not just one or two) than there certainly lies some incompetency with teacher ;). Still keep reading and replying. Critical comments are most precious pearls we admire.

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