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They deserve terrorism

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“Only force rules. Force is the first law”
– Adolf Hitler

For some unknown reasons I have always felt that all the efforts of leaders like Mahatama Gandhi, MLK, Nelson Mandela have gone in vain. Ugly incidences of violence in the name of race and  color every now and then mock the achievements of these great leaders. The latest ones in Australia are just another addition to this list.

However the people of India are strong. They have faced and overthrown a white race before too. Its those so called white supermacist I am worried about. Will they be able to face the consequences of their wrongdoings. Also, what the special strength are they so proud about. It were these black hard working people whose toils and incessant hardwork in erstwhile British colonies generated the bounties which these white ones enjoy now. Even today the scenario remains the same.

Let me begin with the Indians themselves , who are so far the prime casualties in these atrocities. First of  all Australia should be prepared of the immense monetary loss its going to face by losing the indian students in its universities. Also the bad name is surely going to spread to other countries also who will then detest from sending their kids to Australia fearing they might be next. Just to show how weak and hollow the so called white supermacy is, just put all the indian techies on hold for one day and see how all their infrastructure and stock market bite the dust.

However the most fearsome consequence which they may to face is a violent retaliation. They might be lucky that they started off with the Indians. Had they started with some of our hot blooded neigbors they might have already heard the loud noises. However every living being when pushed beyond the edge resort either to fight or flight. Its times like these when I have to hesitatingly support terrorism. What else the ordinary person can do in such situations? They are invited, given false promises of better future, made to pay in lakhs and then ultimately insulted and killed. Any similar act in any sane legislation system is sure to draw capital punishment. Then why Australia should go scot free? [The reason I blame whole country now is that because now even the police forces there have resorted to violence against innocent and unarmed indians. Politicians have turned in a blind eye.]

Perhaps what they now need are some Bhagat Singh and Subash Chandra Bose. What amuses me is that the race which shits it pants out even on a small bomb explosion is exihibiting its super-strength. Wait till the ball falls in your court. What has taken decades to die down in various forms like Taliban, LTTE etc. is going to reincarnate by foolish acts of yours. Then at the end don’t come out crying to world stage when your fancy buildings with sophisticated offices and educational institutes will be decimated to grounds, the places which you promised to these indians.


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