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Zeitgeist A fair review

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An Introduction

‘Zeitgeist’ is basically a german expression meaning ‘the spirit of the times or the ages’. As a movement its the activist arm of the ‘Venus Project’ envisaged by well known industrial designer Jacque Fresco. It aims at creating a new social structure free from the tyranny of religion, government and economy. It relies  on technology as the major aid in creating such a self dependent resourceful civilization.

A critical review
To make our review fair we will discuss both sides of coin. First of all we can talk of the benefits and the positive aspect of Zeitgeist movement.

  • The movement clearly attacks on some of the major source of miseries of human beings viz. politics, religion, economic domination and media. These so called pillars of modern society have been corrupted by some clever and dominating people for their own benefits. The proofs given in the documentaries really  appear startling and present the whole dirty nexus rather than parts of it.
  • Goes beyond conspiracy theories- Numerous 9/11 conspiracies have been made since the tragic incidence. Rather than exposing the whole reality they have just scared the people. However this documentary goes beyond that revealing the whole vicious circle including the political heads of America.It has also digged the historical developments so that all pieces fits correctly in the jigsaw puzzle.Also the viewers become more enligthened about the real culprits behind the Depression.
  • Finally a solution- It just doesn’t leaves the viewers in blank rather suggest them a way to overcome this rut.’Technology’ is correctly suggested as the Samaritan(which it has been since the discovery of wheel). Also the direct confrontation to the government via non payment of taxes reminds one of peaceful yet brilliantly successful non-cooperation movements by Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Mass movement- Despite being rebellious in nature this movement is gaining popularity even beyond the country of its origin.In 2008 there were 1800 events held in 70 nations around the world. Now that’s something enthralling. If any such freedom movement seeks to be successful then it will have to take whole world along with it especially developing countries which are still in the stage of transformation.

Few shortcomings
As with every movement this one suffers from some lacunae too.

  • First of all the whole political scenario it basis itself upon doesn’t applies to every country in the world. For e.g. in India ‘Non-payment of taxes is really punishable offence’. Also the topmost economic authority, the Reserve Bank of India is totally government/public institute. Similarly, in many middle eastern countries Islam is protected by government and is followed by their residents with the faith beyond any doubts. Any movement denying religion will rather draw criticism than praise there.
  • One man theory- This is one of the alarming trait which has brought doom to nearly every great movements in the past which were totally ran as one-man show. Its not that there are any doubts on the abilities of Jacque Fresco, but it again create a sort of dependency and blind faith on single person. Worse  still,  any unacceptable personal act of this person or his close ones can bring the suspicion to the whole ideology of movement itself (remember Rajneeshpuram).
  • Over-dependence on technology- Although techonology is useful for recreation of a better society but sole dependence on them is not advisable. Who can guarntee their use or misuse. Some sort of control measures must be required to prevent crimes and other disturbing activities which human mind can think of. Else with extreme technology at hand the results may be devastating beyond calculation. One of the measure might be constant brain mapping of every person on earth. Its a task which is both difficult and funny because if implemented it will create another form of domination; domination against which we created the whole movement (remember RFID).

However it will be very inappropriate to be sarcastic as this movement is in its stage of evolution. In due course of time it may become more refined and may finally be adopted by the world. Atleast a step in right direction is far better than doing nothig about the deteroiting conditions. Also who knows what started from something as small as a documentary may end up bringing a great change to the world, like the way a small project started by a Finnish student developed in to something as huge and beautiful as Linux. 😉


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