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So, What Next?

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Today I just feel like to talk about the latest fad in market: The Recession. Partly because I went through Friedman’s Free to Choose documentaries, fed on Machiavelli’s Prince, deserted on Rand’ s Atlas milton-friedman-greyscaleShagged(plz. Read shrugged ;-)) and partly because I am freejohn_maynard_keynes to recollect and relate all my past learning.

First of all I am a serious non-believer of all this sham known as recession. To me it’s nothing but all but a sham of Big F bank and the rich cartel related with it. They did it in 1929and they are doing it now. It’s simply relocation of funds further up the pyramid, big fishes eating smaller ones and dieting at the same time. But who am I to go against the general belief. So I half heartedly take the recession for granted and build my thoughts up on them.

Where is the honor?


Throughout my journey in life I went nearly through all phases and sources of learning possible. However the path has been lot against the stream. I started with religion whereas most people end up there. I, on the contrary find myself ended upon contemporary economic scenario. santi_di_tito_-_niccolo_machiavellis_portrait_headcropBut I am happy for two very important things. Firstly, my learning was from varied right from the shrines of knowledge to the prejudicial sentiments of streets. Secondly, due to my awkward learning path I was able to go deeper to every issue I came across rather than superficial acknowledgment; somewhat like tunneling to the core of problem. With every system or models surrounding the human I was able to find the virtues and vices (… thanks to our argumentative education system) lest it be individualism or dictatorship. However one striking phenomena which I came across was that with nearly all of them I could attach some gratitude to, feel honor of people following them but not with the economic system.

Main reason according to me might be that the core persons propounding and preaching the logic were missing here and so as their dedication and madness for it. For e.g. Dictatorship immediately points to Hitler, so communism to Marx and Lenin, accept-the-world-as-it-is to Nietzsche, sex to Freud and so on. So there appeared no single recessionauthority to swear by or curse to. Economic system which we see today is rather a potpourri. Yes, some names do shine brightly like Keynes, Kautilya, Smith, but there revolutionary thinking was either accepted blindly or were meted down before completing their transformation in to reality. That’s another important deficiency which caused further lack of honesty, integrity and above all honor in this system. Throughout all our history we find numerous volcanic revolutions causing total annihilation of old system and forming new strata after its lava cool down. On the contrary, in the economic system we find pendulum sort of motion. On the one hand we tend to become totally conservative, frugal collective Keynesian systems hiding in umbrella of some other institution and on the other we become the daring, will-see-it-all individuals going for free for all aka laissez faire. It really amazes me seeing those series of 1980’s free to choose documentaries of Friedman. How violent and unacceptable were his ideas were to the public then. However amazingly it’s the same ideas which have brought our economies to knees today. Why? Were the ideas so faulty? No, like any discoveries there remained some crudeness in them. What appears to be a greater blunder was the ease with which these were accepted. But again why so? Greed, probably.

Innovators are the mutating genes of the organisms called Civilization. But the rest can’t be ignored. They are ones who either accept or reject these sports. Science faced many crucifixions. Probably, the gains were not so immediately visible or were tagged with numerous neo-complexities. Still it was these innovators who ultimately brought society to newer horizons. Sometimes they were so drastic that they required complete abolishment of the predecessor system. It’s really beyond argument the way in which Science nearly killed the Religion as we knew it. To cope up, even Religion had to reincarnate explaining itself on the lines of Science. However in economics it wasn’t the same case. It started with the scarcity of resources and still continuing with it.

Management vs. Technology

I came across a beautiful explanation of Management somewhere. According to it, it was the best possible and optimized utilization of scarce resources with an eye on profit for organization. It’s simply superb but crisp definition. But two important words to note here are the scarce and profit. The solution lies in statement itself. It really amazes me when I attend those lectures of Science and Technology and find non-fathomable opportunities which technology present to us. Any layman may wonder that why this word scarce still dominates our policies then. You talk about energy crisis when you have both knowhow and technology to solve it via renewable energy sources. You talk about the production of goods whereas mechanization shows the very capability of taking care for them. So why does the riddle remain unsolved? As I said answer lies in question itself. Profit may be the fog blinding our vision.

Management might have been essential to our predecessors but today it appears nothing but as a modern form of politics. The latter was developed to manage humans in general and the former to specific sections under organization. Both have sincerely failed now. Not because they are flawed but they are outdated, something similar to virus of Matrix. A program, outliving its time period, disturbing and destroying the remaining ones. Abundance doesn’t need management. Happy person don’t need laws to be good. However what seems to be preventing them from accepting this truth is simply their resilience to die – a characteristic exhibited by nearly all living organism. If they accept the truth their whole existence will be nullified. Our interim pain killer has become more lethal than disease itself.

It’s not that I have some grudge against management but it really needs bitter and complete transformation. Politics is beyond hope now. It’s these managers we can look up to. A complete renovation of society is required and they can do so if they will. They will have to accept the supremacy of technology beyond all other parameters even profit. It will be tough and nearly impossible. But that’s what will bring the real revolution to the economic system. Someone will have to break the cycle, even the system. Technology is the sword but will managers accept it will be big question. Would they create such technology-driven society where at last even they may have to retire and live life peacefully and creatively at home.

The concept of profit sometimes amuses me. You want something extra. Following Newton’s third law somebody will have to lose something extra. This conclusion is based on the resource assumed to be limited. Now let’s induce some banking structure pipelining more cash in. Rather than helping it worsens the situation. Now the loser may extend its loosing capacity but with additional burden of credit. And some day he will default, causing the pillow transfer to the prior winner. Now our winner number one appears at receiving end to some greater profiteer. So on and so forth. The flaw is clearly visible. We may punish Maddoff for the same crime because he is at micro-economic level but what about the macro-economy following same principle. And what about the humanity suffering in this destined to be doomed wagon. And they talk of Global peace and prosperity. Just a look on the soaring percentage of people living under poverty since the creation of so called Samaritan World Bank will clear our doubts.

Friedman said correctly about the diseased organizations. They must die. So would have said Darwin. What about the diseased economy then. Why it’s still haunting us with its zombie cousins of Politics and Religion. When will humanity shed its tendency of deriving pleasure out of its self inflicted pain? Who has the discretionary power to heal it? Probably Management, provided that they correct their myopia and accept that with help of technology they can form a new system based on complete freedom (*without any conditions apply clauses like these… ;-)). They will have to break all established dogmas, prejudices and belief system starting all over like a child. Let the Machiavellian competition, Nietzsche’s superman, and religions” Men are like that only‘ theories rest in peace.

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  1. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

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