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Who Needs Religion? – Sher Khan's Last Post

Another day of criticism. Got the ultimatum from WordPress et all to tone down the voice.


“Else thy blog shall be forbidden.”

Hmm…. I don’t know what do with this newly earned publicity of being “extremist”. Fame circling from God knows what circles. It’s really funny when your teacher comes to know about your extremity from unknown sources. What you guess their reaction would be?? No, it’s not of anger or reprimands. It’s of silent support. Silent support that’s what I am hearing from other too – All those Richie –Rich, those high placed giants, educationists… As if I am an assassin of some sort. Assassins booked to terminate you know whom. And there is another group which so scared that they want to completely shun my activities, including my father for whom I raged this battle. Rather than guides I find all those for whom sky is always falling. “Wait like Ostrich hiding ur face in ground thinking that u will be left unharmed.”

“Thou a Heretic”

Then I got the worst mail possible that I was against Islam. Now that was obnoxious because I am against all the religions. Why they don’t read the About page before even writing so. Man made religions to guide him. Provide basic structure of ethics; peace to soul; wings to fly. But we have made them bondages. I don’t like chains and scuff. They bruise my skin..

“The Genesis”

Much before religions et all there were tribes of naked humans (hope would have been there) fighting each other for food and land. Then they matured a bit. They formed villages, cities and then provinces. Then came another round of frictions. Again a carnival of wars and blood shed. That too, to a degree that man’s morality started awakening. His conscience started pinching him. So came a greater bond called religion. However this time happened strange phenomena. This time it was not just a conglomeration of people sharing common interests. This time regrouping was initiated by a certain person- a Messiah. A Messiah who was literally torn by all the stupidity of man. Who understood that salvation existed neither in books or priests or holy buildings. One who wanted to teach the man that even he can fly. That he is not bounded by the rules governing the wild lives. Someone who wanted to teach the man a simple principal that there exists no need of any Messiah at all. Attaching to anything itself is bondage; the prison. But kudos to the stupidity of man; he made those Messiah his bondage. He left his teachings in Books as they were too tough to follow but made that Messiah his icon and started following it as it was easy. The newly born decided to die rather than struggle for first breath.

Religions had to be done away long ago. Villages combined to form cities. Cities to Provinces. Provinces to States. States to Nations. Religion lied somewhere between States and Nation. But it exceeded its time limit became an anomaly troubling whole matrix. The time now was meant for consolidation of nations to a World government. Then to Celestial union followed by a Union beyond Union. But what’s happening is taking us in reverse direction. We are again starting to break up. Entropy is gaining the upper hand over evolution. It’s all because a Trans national power of religion is doing what it was not meant to do.

“All religions talk of peace”. A much heard cliché. But the problem is those who follow it don’t speak of peace. It’s the irony. I really pity on those Messiahs. How much there souls may be crying now. Buddha already mentioned that he will be waiting for us in gate of heavens. He will probably have to wait for eternity. There is no simple way of solving this Chicken or Egg problem. There are not many options. Only two- Salvation or Bondage. Either the man will learn that he is free from all bondages; his life his religion; his nation else the Darwin’s law will come in to play- constant struggle for survival. First case will be dealt in next post however the second can find the place now. Simply because it appears to us more practical. Hold on to your religion; you country or whatever available near to you and start fighting for more. It’s easy because it’s a zero-sum game. You know nobody will survive at last.

“Thy art programmed for self destruction”.

So it’s in line to our inherent desire. That’s because our soul wants to be free of its prison known as body. It has left of all correct ways because of the foolish minds. So it just wants to free thy self. Try another chance in some other body. If had not been the man so foolish, had not he understood that we all humans are made of same materials. Be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or even an atheist like me, aren’t they all made of same atoms, molecules and bio mass? Same sand from where they rise and where they end up. No they don’t differentiate because they are really different, they differentiate because they want to die, to constrain life to such extend that it commits euthanasia. Reason: Freedom is quite scary. Experiences come in way. What will be left to do then? It will be complete darkness then. Utter silence. And that silence is horror for even the bravest soul. Because then rises the cries of souls. Sound of bullets and tanks can be adjusted to but not that haunting silent cacophony. The bazaar in mind.

“Violence maketh Silence”

See a child -a limit less Universe, see an Old man –a literal Black Hole. Whereas a child, blessed ignorant of all, still knows what he needs and where to go for them; the old man knows and posses everything but doesn’t know where everything goes…. First one doesn’t know what death is second deserves to be dead…. For an anarchist like me first one is dangerous but the second one makes things easy. That’s what anarchism is.. Build the pyramid of card and than destroy it with own hand. Just for fun of it. Fight gentlemen, fight. In the name of religion in name of country till there are chaos everywhere. Fight till the day war reduces to bout between one to one. At last then you will understand this is what worth saving thyself. But alas it will be too late until than. Only sadists like me will be happy on thy broken body and raped souls……


1ykezThis blog has been reported for extremist views. So it shall be completely revamped with the current blogger “Sher Khan” thrown out. “Laakhan Bhaiya” will be the new moderator. May “Sher Khan” and his views rest in peace. This blog will be now solely dedicated to technology, pictures, movies, current affairs, books and other gay stuffs like these. Hope you enjoy your stay here.


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2 Responses to “Who Needs Religion? – Sher Khan's Last Post”

  1. Congratulations Sher Khan on getting noticed.

    You adhered to atleast one law from the 48 laws of power 🙂
    i.e Law 6: Court Attention at all Cost
    (Summary of other 47 laws at

    You have the courage to have an opinion and speak about it.

    Although I do not agree to many things that you say but still I respect your audacity.

    At least when you see something wrong somewhere, you have the guts to speak about it.

    You are 100 times better than the spineless spectators, who are ignorant of their surroundings and for whom their existence is just a matter of wiling away their time between their birth and their death.

    I am sure Sher Khan cannot quit. Sher Khans never quit 🙂

    A lot of us will miss your absence here.

    I hope Lakhan Bhaiya has the same fire as you 🙂


  2. “Sadho Re

    Yeh Murdon Ka Gaon

    Yeh Murdon Ka Gaon

    Peer Mare, Paigambar Mari Hain

    Mar Gaye Zinda Jogi

    Raja Mari Hain, Parja Mari Hain

    Mar Gaye Baid Aur Rogi

    Sadho Re

    Yeh Murdon Ka Gaon

    Yeh Murdon Ka Gaon

    Naam Anaam Anant Rahat Hai

    Dooja Tatva Na Hoi

    Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho

    Bhatak Maro Mat Koi

    Sadho Re…”

    This was the last message of Sher Khan for his friends :(.. He rests in peace with the fishes..
    @Gunjan Bro I am Laakhan ‘the punk’ here.:)Even I posses fire but of different sort. “Jindagi Rango mein dubegeee…”.Will start the work after renovating site.. Keep in touch..
    Laakhan Bhaiya.

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