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Mumbai Blasts-The Dark Secrets

November 29, 2008

Something strange is brewing all over the world. India is being made a permanent target by jihadis. The newly elected Change-Man of America is acting strange. Jews are also being targeted again. Kashmir issue is being given a new life. Economic crisis has already left many aghast. Are all these tits-bits part of some big […]

Mumbai Bomb Blast – The Declaration Of War

November 27, 2008

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke. At last the naked truth has made its ugly appearance. Again a scar has been made on face of mother land. There is no use now of keeping the track of those dead and wounded. Neither should […]

Futility Of Life

November 10, 2008

We adhere too much value to logic. But when logic is applied to every phenomenon there occurs such a malady. We are made to bow down to the tormenting darkness and face absolute dead end. Or the other option remaining is abandoning our hypothesis itself, abandon it accepting irrationality as ultimate truth. I still remember […]

Diwali Dhamaka – New Funny Sexy Picutres

November 9, 2008

A very happy chotti diwali and upcoming christmas and new year. Enjoy this new collection funny and sexy pictures. Just click any of the image or link given below to go to complete Gallery. Complete Gallery Here. More here… i.e. dheerajsuthar.com

GK of Various B- School Entrances

November 5, 2008

Collection of GK questions asked in previous years papers : (click the required b school name) IIRMA IIFT SNAP More here… i.e. dheerajsuthar.com

Laluji Vs. MNS- the new Saas Bahu Serial

November 4, 2008

Today another twist came in whole MNS vs.North Indians sop opera. Majority of RJD MPs and legislators have handed over their resignation letters to dear Laluji. To those who are less acquainted of issue a little briefing: Due to alleged failures of Bihar Government in protection of North Indians in Maharashtra from MNS, our dear […]

Osho -the true Anarchist; need of the hour

November 3, 2008

I still remember my visits to Osho ashram, Mysore. Before that first meet with neo-sanyasis there I had many negative prejudices regarding Osho. But after taking complete meditation courses and reading numerous of his books my perspective was totally changed. He was a true maverick, true iconoclast, true Anarchist. Anarchist to a level beyond just […]

Chinese finger raised over Indian Moon Mission

November 2, 2008

Despite huge unilateral friendly behavior shown by Indian political lobby in form of frequent visits it seems that Dragon has not dropped its contempt view of Tiger. Lately, as US has drawn near to India the Chinese have not even left the cheapest possible way to tarnish Indian image. It has been reported that Chinese […]

A CAT Halloween

November 1, 2008

Yesterday, as we all know it was Halloween a horror fest. However, we literally have never celebrated it here in India because doing so would make us look bit foolish and odd ;). However the reason I had to think about it was a strange incident happened today. One of our chief editor had a […]